Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Wrap-up!! January is over...I felt like this month super dragged....I felt like it was almost done, and then it was still only the first week....And it still feels like it should be in the middle of February. -___-'' I'm so confused....Ah well...Well on to the wrap-up!!

I finished three books this month. I actually did better than I thought I was going to. Red Branch by Morgan Llywelyn took up most of my time. The book was really good, but it was a bit slow going. Probably because of all the foreign words...Celtic/Old Irish names are hard...Haha! But the book was really good.

I then devoured Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas.....This book....My glob....this book.....It is now probably my favorite series as of right now.....It's sooo good....I like....Legitimately went through withdrawal. I missed the world and the characters, and I want to find out more about Celaena. She's probably my most favorite female character ever. I have the next book Crown of Midnight, which I haven't hauled yet, and I'm just the happiest duck ever.

And lastly, last night I finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Another freaking fabulous fantasy novel. I laughed, cried, yelled, cheered and was dumbfounded. So many emotions and I loved all of them. The characters are so wonderful and the world is beautifully written. I have the rest of the series in the mail and I can't wait to read them.

So, first major thing, I have read three fantasy books! Yay!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of myself!!! I had been wanting to try fantasy for a long time.  I'm finding that not all fantasy books are daunting and awful.....I mean, I have always liked the idea of's just some are so confusing...when you find one that's really good and well written...they are wonderful. I regret not reading more sooner...I DID IT, MOM!!

This is the first book I will be reading for February. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.  I started it yesterday, but I only got through the first chapter before I passed out. Too many feels to deal with and I wasn't 100% sold on the first chapter either. I felt like things happened way too fast and though I appreciated the action right wasn't very good action. But everyone really seems to love this series, so I'm going to try not to judge it based on the first chapter.

Until next time mes amies!~

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